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Address; 2101 Belmont St, Bellaire, OH 43906

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Now doing DRIVE disposal and crushing!

Do you want your data protected, come on over with your machines, we will pull and CRUSH your drives for you. No questions asked!  We can also do cell phones or any kind of item you do not want to ever end up in the hands of others.  Charge only applies if you do not dispose of the electronics with us!  FREE SERVICE.  Bring in your electronic devices and "watch 'em die'.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Four pallets of toner cartridges RECYCLED!

A few weeks ago we shipped out pallets of toner cartridges!  The company that did the work called me back today and provided me with a certificate that shows they were recycled correctly!

Woo-hoo.  More items not put in the landfill!

Life is good.