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Saturday, September 27, 2014

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Now that is a load of scrap electronics! We_Electronics Bellaire, Ohio.

Welcome letter from the State of Ohio. Thank you Senator Gentile!

Getting the dump truck ready at We_Electronics!

Machines piling up at We_Electronics!

Computer scrap by the truckload, ECO FRIENDLY recycling!

More scrap electronics kept from the landfill!

Dealing with the "Heavy Metal Movements" at WE_electronics in Bellaire, Ohio

Sending to the Scrap yard!

Daily pickups from We_Electronics!

Electronic material being recycled daily!

More material saved from the landfill!

Cleanup Days September 19th, 20th 2014!

Cleaning Up Bellaire, Ohio!

Clean the "Duck Up" Bellaire, Ohio!

Dumpster #1 is FULL, FULL, FULL!

Everyone is doing their part!

Donations for the Salvation Army!

Filling every nook and cranny of the dumpster!

Packed, stacked and ready for the transfer station!

Keeping out the metal and other recycling goods!

At it bright and early on the September 20th, 2014

Tarped and ready to be exchanged!

Rollback picking up the 1st load!

Just in time, here comes the empty!

Thank you to the public in Bellaire, Ohio.  Major help in filling the dumpster correctly!

Cutting down the box springs saved a lot of dump money!

Volunteers, cutting them open and disposing of the waste!

More and more coming, and the 2nd dumpster is almost full!

Kept the metals and organics out of the dumpster!

Big or small, we disposed of them all!

People were cleaning up their lots, then moving down the block!

2nd dumpster was getting full!

Metal, cardboard, we recycled everything we could during this cleanup!

Even got a cool cup for the day of hard work!